My Coffee Teacher

Beautiful interpretation of life…that is what I could read in this story.

Silent Crusader

I am a journalist and many other journalists like me crib about their extended work hours and thankless job. Despite all this, what is more excruciating is the low pay scale.

I often complained about my job to my family members, close friends and myself. I wish I had studied harder to become an engineer, doctor or IT professional. Apart from this, there was no spice in my life. Either I was doing field work, reporting for the entire day or doing desk job at home, with my window slightly open. This window was very important to me as whenever I did work from home, it gave me clean glance of the outside world from the 14th floor.

My building

Image for representation

On one fine day, while writing news articles from my room, I heard some not outside my window. After a few seconds, there was someone knocking. At first, I was discombobulated thinking…

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Modern Love: Broken to finding true love

I like it

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I felt alone for a long time, even when I am in a relationship with somebody. I don’t think I have found that solid foundation with someone I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. I was looking for that person. I have to admit that I do get jealous seeing couples together. who doesn’t get jealous? I get jealous whenever I see my brothers with their girlfriends and my parents being lovely with each other. I wanted to find my Romeo. Before I was into dating, I felt alone since elementary school. I wasn’t liked by my peers, I didn’t have any real friends and I was bullied. It led me to depression and no one wants to be in that state at all. Being depressed wasn’t healthy. I wanted to belong to someone, to be held and be loved. And when I dated a…

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